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Lesson 23: Principal Clauses And Compound Sentences


Principal Clauses and Compound Sentences"A clause is a group of words that forms part of a sentence and has a subject and predicate. A principal clause makes a statement. It can stand alone like a simple sentence. A compound sentence contains two or more principal clauses usually joined by a co-ordinate conjunction." It is one of those late November, west coast days when the mood of the sky seems to change unpredictably - light and hopeful one moment, dark and brooding the next. Marie has decided to feed some stale bread to the seagulls. This is one of her favorite activities, and her giggly, singing enthusiasm is contagious as she seizes this opportunity to teach us about principal clauses and compound sentences. Sample sentences and examples are provided amidst the fluttering frenzy of her hungry feathered friends.

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Rackham - Lovely Little Seagulls

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