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Tape Two

Lesson 22: Co-ordinate Conjunctions


Co-ordinate Conjunctions"A co-ordinate conjunction is a word or group of words that  joins parts of speech used in the same way.

Perched on top of her favorite Eagle Rock, Marie imparts the definition of a co-ordinate conjunction, its applications, and a list of the co-ordinate conjunctions most frequently used. When the in-coming tide threatens to leave her stranded, she suggests we move over to a large rock pool. "Let's explore the rock pool for examples." The rock pool hosts oysters, mussels, abalone, barnacles, scallops, clams, limpets, seaweed, rock crabs, spider crabs, hermit crabs, bullheads, starfish, jellyfish, sea anemones and sea urchins, all of which Marie incorporates into her sample sentences demonstrating the uses of co-ordinate conjunctions. When Marie finds a freshly dead salmon in the rock pool she feeds it to the eagles who have been observing her from the tops of the surrounding trees.


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